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Results Oschersleben 2024


Race Result Classic GP Assen 2023

Race Result Classic GP Assen 2023 Start grid
Classic GP Assen 2023 Race 1
Classic GP Assen 2023 Race 2

Race results Belgian Classic Trophy Gedinne 2023

Belgian Classic Trophy 2023 qualifing
Belgian Classic Trophy 2023 Race 1
Belgian Classic Trophy 2023 Race 2
Belgian Classic Trophy 2023 EVO Qualifying

Race Results 20-21 May 2023 DCR Assen

NK Classics Training 1
NK Classics Training 2
NK Classics Race 1
NK Classics Race 2

Race Results 8 en 9 april 2023

Belgian Championship qualifying 1
Belgian Championship qualifying 2
Results Race 1 Croix 9 april 2023
Results Race 2 Croix 9 april 2023

Race Results 6 en 7 mei 2023

Results qualifying 1 Hengelo 6 mei 2023
Results qualifying 2 Hengelo 6 mei 2023
Results Race 1 Hengelo
Results Race 2 Hengelo


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IHRO Race Results Hockenheim 9-10-11 sept. 2022

Race Resultst Q1

Race Results race 1

Race Resultst Gedinne 19,- 20 en 21 aug. 2022


IHRO Race Results Chimay 15-16 en 17 juli 2022


Race resultst 2


IHRO Race Results Schleiz 1-3rd July 2022

Schleiz Race Results Race 1
Schleiz Q1 en Q2


Ducati Club race 2022 27-29 May 2022

Race Results Q1
Race Resultst Q2


Hengelo 30 april - 1 mei 2022

Results Race 1 Hengelo

Results Race 2 Hengelo

Croix en Ternois 15-16 April 2022.

IDC Assen 2nd October 2021 (No IHRO race)

1 DC 2
2 DC 2

Race Resultst Hockenheim 10-12th September 2021


RACE RESULTS Hengelo 4-5th September 2021

Race Results Schleiz 9-11 July 2021
Resultaat 1
Resultaat 2
Resultaat Q1 en Q2

Race Results Chimay 17-18 July 2021

Race Result 1
Race Results 2 Chimay

DCR Assen 29-30 May 2021

First practice IHRO
Second practice IHRO
Practice race 1
Practice race 2

Race report Hockenheim 2019

First practice Hockenheim 2019
First Race Hockenheim 2019
Secnd practice Hockenheim 2019
Second Race Hockenheim 2019

Race report Hockenheim 2018

"NK Classics: Bakker ijzersterk in Hockenheim... en kampioen..!"

Download Race Resultst Hockenheim 2018
Download Race Report Hockenheim 2018

Race report Schleiz 2018

"NK Classics: Van Dijk en Bakker beurtelings winnaar in Schleiz"

Download: Race resultst 1 Schleiz 2018
Download: Race resultst 2 Schleiz 2018
Download: NK Classics Schleiz

Race report DCR 2018

"The second meeting of this year was on the Dutch GP track at Assen on 26-27 Mai."

Download: NK Classics IHRO race
Download: NK Classics IHRO race 2
Download: Race Report DCR

Results Hengelo 2018

NK Classics: Op een zonovergoten Varsselring in het Gelderse Hengelo won Jan Frank Bakker afgelopen zaterdag de eerste sprintrace en Ernst Hagen zegevierde op zondag in
race twee.

Read more Race report Hengelo 2018 in Dutch
Download: Race report Hengelo in English


Resultst Croix 2018

NK Classics: Hagen en Bakker verdelen de buit op Croix en Ternois

Read more Race report Croix 2018 in Dutch


Report Hockenheim 8-9-10 september 2017 - download here


Gedinne 2017 Race Report - download here


Chimay 2017 Race Report - download here


Results – 24 Heures Motos, Le Mans, France – 7-9 April 2016

IHRO are delighted to have been invited to be a support event for the world famous 24 Heures Motos of Le Mans.
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Set in the rolling Lincolnshire Wolds, sometimes nicknamed the ‘mini Nürburgring’, Cadwell Park is close to the hearts of many race fans.
The splendid and daunting full circuit.with its fearsome and photogenic mountain feature, grew to its current 2.2 mile layout in 1962, although narrow in places, it is a magnificent riders track, twisty and undulating in nature it winds through open park and woodland, and is one of the best circuits in the country. Once discovered, it is often a firm favourite amongst many who visit, whether as a spectator or participant.
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Results – 22nd Classic Bikes – CHIMAY, BELGIUM – 17-19 JULY 2015

One of the most famous of the Belgian road race circuits, this beautiful Ardenaise track has been the home to motorcycle racing for over half a century. It hosted the famous GP des Frontieres, so called because of its close proximity to the French border, as well as a number of long distance 200 mile races.

Although the spectacular sweeping bends of the old circuit are not to be used, the track is still one of the most popular in Europe among road racers because of its gradient changes and the fabulous flat out sweeping downhill bends which approach the last corner before the start.
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The 2015 IHRO Race program started later this year. A rescheduled German round at Schleiz clashed with the round at Spa Francorchamps in Belgium so, regretfully we had to miss Schleiz.

Over the years, the Spa course has been modified several times. The track was originally 15 kilometres long, but after World War II, the track had some changes, these changes made Spa the fastest open road circuit in the world, and in the final year of the old circuit, riders could average over 200km/h on the circuit. Barry Sheene holds the ultimate race record for this circuit at an astonishing 217.37 km/h !