Dear IHRO riders

It has been a bit silence last couple of months but hopefully this year will be better and that we can have more races. So please find herewith the latest IHRO Race Calendar for 2021.
The registration for Croix en Ternois for (21-23 May) and Ducati Club Race (28-30 May) is open so please feel free to enter these 2 races. For the other races I will inform you in due course.

Also find the new IHRO registration form for 2021 to keep the IHRO alive.

For the rest all the best stay save and hopefully we can go back to normal in June this year.
How we ended up with the new IHRO?
Well after the cremation from our dear beloved Graham in June 2016 nobody knew what would happen with the IHRO, will it slowly past away or.
Then a group of old IHRO riders/promotors sat together and came up with the great challenge to continue where Graham has regretfully stepped out.
Chimay 2017
Spa 2017
For questions, ideas and/or remarks please feel contact one of us.

Best regards

IHRO Organization Team - Guust, Rob, Jan Frank, Eddy and Hector.