Dear IHRO riders.

After a nice Chimay weekend we can move on to the2 last races of the IHRO season . The entry for the race at Hengelo (GLD) on 4-5 September is now open on the Hamove site so please enter.

Registration form

Then the weekend after Hengelo we have the race at Hockenheim ring on 9-11th September ad for that the entry is also open. Her you have to enter to my so please fill in the entry form which you can download and send that to my at the latest in week 32 so that I can make the final riders list for the organisation at Hockenheim. Many thanks for the entry in Advance.

Registration form Hockenheim
How we ended up with the new IHRO?
Well after the cremation from our dear beloved Graham in June 2016 nobody knew what would happen with the IHRO, will it slowly past away or.
Then a group of old IHRO riders/promotors sat together and came up with the great challenge to continue where Graham has regretfully stepped out.
Chimay 2017
Spa 2017
For questions, ideas and/or remarks please feel contact one of us.

Best regards

IHRO Organization Team - Guust, Rob, Jan Frank, Eddy and Hector.